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Why STORServer Video: Lights, Camera, Action

Why STORServer Video: Lights, Camera, Action

So recently I’ve been working on perfecting my STORServer sales pitch for a trade show.  During this trade show we met many nice folks who came to our booth with an interest in a STORServer backup appliance.  I found it easy to talk these people about what a STORServer appliance was, how could it alleviate common pains around data protection and why STORServer was a smart choice.  I must have talked to a hundred interested people.  I felt good about every communication I had at the event, because its easy to talk about a product that you really believe in.  After a few days, we left the trade show exhausted, but with that  good feeling  knowing that we put in long, but very productive days.

Just recently we undertook an initiative at STORServer to add more videos to our website, recognizing that videos are a great way to reach our customer base.  So I was asked to make a video, I eagerly agreed, knowing that I had given this ‘Why STORServer’ pitch hundreds of times and I could do this video in my sleep.

But wow, I had no idea of what the ‘lights, camera, action’ would do to my well rehearsed ‘Why STORServer’ pitch.  We had video cameras, microphones, bright lights, sun-shade looking light reflection devices, sound checks, camera checks and other ongoings.  I got nervous (like fourth-grade present your book report in front of the class nervous) and my well rehearsed pitch broke down and became difficult.   Afterwards, I found an appreciation for what Hollywood actors do everyday.  While the video turned out great (thank goodness for retakes and editing) the three minute video took over an hour to record just right.

So I’d be happy to talk to anyone about Why STORServer, but please leave the lights and cameras at home.

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