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Understanding Tivoli Storage Manager Capacity Licensing and PVU Pricing

Understanding Tivoli Storage Manager Capacity Licensing and PVU Pricing


If you’re currently a STORServer IBM® Spectrum® Protect, formerly IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager (TSM) appliance customer with a processor value unit (PVU) license today, and are facing issues with spiraling data growth, now is a good time to consider converting to a capacity licensing strategy. Three important reasons why a capacity licensing model may make sense are simplicity, licensing compliance and cost-effectiveness over the long run.

The most obvious benefit of a switch to a capacity based model is simplifying the administration. You can eliminate the need to keep an accurate count of every core on every socket of every server and then factor in the need to include the TDP (Tivoli Data Protection), ERP, SAN and/or virtual agents.

Simplify with capacity licensing

Does thinking about licensing compliance give you a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach and nightmares of auditors? It won’t if you use capacity licensing. Securing your environment with capacity licensing is a great opportunity to avoid paying fines while bringing your TSM environment into compliance. Because you don’t need to purchase additional PVU licenses in order to become compliant, you may actually save money with a conversion to capacity licensing. Saving money always makes the compliance true up an easier pill to swallow.

In today’s IT department, the production side of the data center is evolving and changing at an ever increasing rate. PVU pricing for your data protection has a heavy impact on the road map for the entire IT architecture. The capacity licensing model is more cost effective in the long run because of the interchangeability of the entire suite of TSM client and agent licenses.

For example, if you plan to retire all your physical servers and replace them with VMware on a couple of ESX hosts, with capacity licensing there is no need to worry about the PVU amount or cost for TSM for VE. Additionally, capacity licensing eliminates unusable or leftover PVUs from the existing physical server entitlements.

Another example is when you’re looking to budget for a new SAN or deployment for a new application such as an SAP database. With a TSM capacity model for STORServer you don’t have to spend the time and budget adding in the cost for the correct PVUs for the corresponding TSM agent.

So if you’re reviewing your data protection strategy and looking for ways to optimize process and cost savings, I recommend starting with the software licensing model.

A change from PVU pricing to the capacity based model will provide increased access to the features of TSM. And there may be a cost savings versus buying clients and agents by PVUs for new servers and software.

To find out how a capacity based TSM licensing model might be a good fit, ask your STORServer business partner about getting a price comparison or call 719-266-8777 x7315 for more information.

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