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Understanding a Data Loss Catastrophe

Understanding the impact of data loss is quite simple. It can be compared, on a smaller impact, to losing your cell phone.  You will lose all your contacts, pictures of family and friends, important files you may have stored in it and more. Furthermore, bad things could happen if it falls into the wrong hands. All in all, data loss is similar, but on a much larger scale,which could be quite damaging to your business.

Understanding a data loss catastropheThe US accounts for 25% of all data attacks, clearly showing that this nation is the primary target for a majority of online criminals.  What’s even more frightening is 78% of organizations have suffered at least one data breach over the last two years. So, what are businesses doing about it? Apparently, not as much as they need to because more than 60% of small and medium businesses acknowledge that they often disregard routine data backup procedures and often overlook the schedule.

This negligence can, of course, lead to severe losses in data, finances, resources and, finally, reputation. Here’s a number that will drive my home: 72% of businesses affected by major data losses have closed shop within two years. If something like this happened to you or your business and you don’t have the proper procedures in place, it may be too late.

Data loss is a catastrophe for businesses and this is a fact every business should accept. The recent Target debacle did act as a worthy example of how severely data breaches can affect a company. After news of the incident got out, its’ share prices fell by a whopping 11%. Associating the loss of data with the loss in revenue and finances is one way to take this message seriously. Only then will organizations stop losing money over these potential setbacks which cost businesses an average of $5.4 million per breach.

Proper security measures will help avoid these tragic losses. At the same time, diligent data backup practices ensure that your data is stored at a second more secure location. At STORServer, we offer data protection consulting products and services that will help your business on both these levels with solutions that are efficient and cost effective. Contact us today for more information or use our Appliance Wizard to see what backup appliance is right for you.

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