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Why Some Traditional Backup Solutions Just Don’t Cut It Anymore

Some traditional backup solutions, or early version solutions, are still present in the data protection market today. While they might be cheaper, we’ve found that they fail to meet the criteria the business world needs today. After all, data runs the show these days and, in the absence of it, every business operation could come to a standstill.

If your business is thinking of saving some money by opting for traditional backup solutions, here are some factors you should consider before going that route:

  • Why Some Traditional Backup Solutions Just Don’t Cut It AnymoreThe speed factor: Technology is offering faster and and more innovative backup methods every day. Can a traditional backup system keep up with the speedy solutions or softwares available these days? Furthermore, can your business afford to slow down its processes, only so the backup process is able to catch up?
  • The time factor: Traditional backup systems back up data just fine, but seldom pay attention to recovering data as fast as possible. In some cases, it takes weeks to recover important data. Can you afford this delay in your daily business operations?
  • Human error: Traditional systems rely heavily on human setup, and when personnel are directly responsible for the intricate system that makes a great backup system, errors are bound to occur. We all know how serious even the slightest errors in data backup can prove to be, so reducing the human factor can be key to having a system that runs efficiently.
  • Testing difficulties: It is quite difficult to run backup tests on a traditional backup system. Older backup systems were unpredictable, and testing was not really a prerogative while designing them. Without testing, a reliable backup plan is difficult to predict should tragedy strike.
  • Absence of the business continuity factor: The main factor that separates traditional backup solutions from modern ones can be measured by business continuity. Keeping your business running should be the primary goal for every backup system. In the absence of this factor, your business would concentrate only on backup goals without disaster recovery present anywhere in the plan!

At STORServer, our mix of backup and disaster recovery services ensure comprehensive solutions that consistently support your business. Constantly upgrading our systems to keep pace with technological changes, we provide solutions that are innovative and reliable. Contact us for a solution that fits in just right with your modern business needs.

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