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The stormy side of “the cloud”: Vendor’s Foggy future

Data protection to the cloud carries certain risks, just like every other technology.

In an article in Wired Magazine, it was stated, “One of the biggest [risks] is that your cloud provider will suddenly disappear, taking your data and applications with it.” Customers of the cloud database outfit MyRedis know this first hand — and they know it all too well. On Tuesday, the company announced it had been acquired by competitor Garantia Data, and it told users they had just three days to move their data from MyRedis servers onto machines run by Garantia.

Fortunately, the deadline was a mistake, BUT it shows the stormy side of the cloud and what happens when a cloud provider who may not have a robust history can ‘look’ good on the surface but be sinking financially.cloud-backup

How to chose a Data Protection Cloud Provider

When looking to engage with a cloud provider, there are a few simple rules that you should follow.  If followed, you will be protected from the loss of data that a shut down would entail.

Look for history.

If your Cloud provider has been around for many years (not 10 but more like 20-30) it shows a pattern of stability.  This simple rule shows you that the company has sound core values, a sound vision and a sound leadership team.  History is a blueprint of the future and can provide you with a much needed glimpse into the future.

Look into the Financials.

If you could provider has a solid history then you should proceed to look at the money.  Look at their profits, dividends and their financial track record over the last 10 or more years.   If they are making money and are reinvesting, you know they are a “solid” company.  Jerry Maguire said it best we he stated, “Show me the money!”  If the money is there, they are not going to suddenly go out of business

Do you trust them?

Seems like an emotional thing to say but trust is very important.  If you get off the phone and feel like you have just been lied to or that your sales representative is just after your money, it is time to look elsewhere.  Trust is the bond that ties your business to theirs.  Your vendor needs to be vested in your success or they are not the right vendor for you.

All of the other stuff (technology, features, functions, response times, etc,) does not mean anything if your vendor goes out of business.  Before you start talking about the service a vendor can provide, you should spend the time to do your homework and find out if the vendor has the staying power you need.

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