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Thank the Machines–and Win an Amazon Echo

Whenever my late grandpa passed an automated machine (parking-ticket machine, vending machine, etc.), he told the machine “thank you.” His reasoning was, “When the machines finally take over, they’ll know I was their friend.” My grandpa was being adorable as usual, and no, he didn’t think machines were about to take over the world.

However, we’ve sure seen an influx of stories about AI lately. A few weeks ago Lowe’s announced the arrival of it’s interactive retail robot worker, just in time for Christmas. The robot looks like the equivalent of Wall-E merged with a billboard. Elon Musk wrote in a tweet that killer robots are coming by 2019 (he since has deleted the post). The Internet of Things, meaning the interconnectedness of everything from our homes to our cities at large, is growing and expanding rapidly every day. Have you seen Amazon’s latest interactive machine, The Echo? The Echo is like a home-based Siri unit to serve as your butler for answers and looks pretty neat (I’m on the wait list). Obviously my grandpa would be saying a great many more “thank-you’s” these days.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

And to say “thank you” to our customers this holiday season STORServer is offering free shipping on every order, and entering each purchase into a drawing for an Amazon Echo! The promotion ends December 31, 2014. Both the reseller and customer will receive one.

STORServer isn’t currently manufacturing artificially intelligent backup systems (maybe someday), but we do offer the next best thing–a system so competent and efficient that you won’t have to think twice. That’s one of the items our customers and partners love to highlight about STORServer- its ease of use. Regardless of the system you pick, TSM or Commvault, we’ll have your information backing up in one day, and full system set-up in two to three days. Plus, we’re the only built-to-order enterprise backup appliance on the market.

But it gets better- if you need help, our support specialists are much smarter than AI devices and just a call away, and telling them “thank you” is much nicer than telling a machine.

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