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STORServer Virtual Machine Backup (VMB)

Bellin Health

Legacy LTO-3 can no longer meet the backup window required to sustain regulatory compliance requirements. Bellin Health is Wisconsin’s leading healthcare provider. Having grown to a capacity of 3,000 employees and over 100 terabytes of critical data, their current legacy solution could no longer meet the necessary regulatory compliance requirements. The Challenge: To replace a…

Cooley Dickinson

Healthcare Provider Seeks Integrated Data Backup and Recovery System; Minimizes Unplanned Downtime

Cooley Dickinson Hospital is nationally recognized as a top-performing hospital. As with all healthcare providers, Cooley Dickinson has zero tolerance for unplanned down time. The hospital requires around-the-clock access to all systems in order to provide the best patient care possible.

Ohio Health

STORServer Virtual Machine Backup improves OhioHealth’s virtual machine backup windows and success rates: From 24 hours and 75 percent success to 4-6 hours and 99 percent success Part of upholding OhioHealth’s superior image is protecting the incredibly valuable data produced by the organization’s 21,000 associates, physicians and volunteers, not to mention the hundreds of thousands…

Snohomish County PUD

Electric Company Energized over how easy STORServer backs up its virtualized data, saving time and money. The Challenge: Since 1949, Everett, Washington-based electric utility company, Snohomish County Public Utility District (PUD) #1, has provided electric and water utility services to more than 300,000 customers throughout the region. As the second largest publicly owned utility in…


UGL Unicco learned that STORServer® provides an Enterprise Backup Appliance that fit nicely with their newly virtualized environment. With the assurance gained from over three years of a highly productive STORServer Enterprise Backup Appliance solution and award winning support, UGL Unicco installed a second STORServer Enterprise Backup Appliance with a Virtual Machine Backup (VMB) add-on,…

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