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STORServer and Starbucks: What we have in common

STORServer and Starbucks: What we have in common

It’s a constant challenge to keep up in the ever-changing world of new marketing strategies, flashy websites, and attention-grabbing efforts from every technology company. But before making any changes, we at STORServer ensure our baseline product is solid (which it is- we’ve been developing at STORServer for 20 years), but we’re also constantly thinking about what’s next and how to do better.

STORServer and Starbucks: What we have in commonI read an article a couple months ago in Inc. magazine that regaled about Starbucks and how the once tiny coffee shop is constantly reinventing itself. It’s a business model that obviously works, as Starbucks is wildly successfully and recently presented a line of designer teas atop their myriad of established, caffeine-laden products. We’ll see how the new product succeeds, but considering the parent company, I wouldn’t bet against it.

All companies are either in the process of constant reinvention, or they are stagnant and most likely losing money. Granted, STORServer doesn’t have the exact same audience as Starbucks (they’ve said in their new campaign that they’re going after the 125 million tea drinkers in the country), but for those that need storage, we’re always developing, testing, and trying new products to bring to our clients.

One of our biggest developments this year was actually small. Last spring, we debuted the BA601, the smallest appliance we have. It’s perfect for small businesses because it sells for under $10,000 and allows for secure backup for only 5-20 TB. For something small, it’s been a huge seller!

Another thing we’ve been working on is the rebranding of our website, with changes now live as of this week. We’re highlighting the Solution Wizard: the fastest and easiest way to grab a quote and see what you need from a storage device. Check it out and fill it out; everyone who uses the Appliance Wizard through the end of the month will be entered into a drawing for a restaurant gift card or maybe even a Starbucks card.

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