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The STORServer Backup Appliance: A Comprehensive Solution

As enterprises the world over adopt new technologies that assist them in data backup and, more importantly, recovery, a few solutions tower above the rest in terms of usability, cost and dependability.

Backup appliances have emerged as a solution that work great for enterprise businesses because of the ease of integration and scalability. Our STORServer Backup Appliance falls into this category. It offers businesses numerous benefits and, above all, provides all of the necessary elements traditional backup appliances need to do their jobs effectively.

Let’s break down the advantages of adopting a STORServer backup appliance in terms of usability, dependability and cost.

Usability: Our appliance offers the advantages of backup, archive and recovery, all on a single platform. Moreover, the installation process for a STORserver appliance only takes minutes and this is because STORServer handles pre-configuration and pre-installation in advance. Administration is a simple task and can be completed in minutes. When compared to traditional backup solutions, the STORServer appliance is easier to integrate with your enterprise.

Dependability: The appliance supports Commvault® Simpana 10 or the IBM Storage Manager (TSM), which are both highly reliable backup and recovery software solutions. The hardware, manufactured by IBM, is an integrated device that boasts of the latest features in backup and disaster recovery technology. The fail-safe technologies developed by STORServer allow us to offer a data recovery guarantee, along with the promise of a refund, no questions asked.

Cost: The appliance is a perfect solution for mid-sized and enterprise businesses, as it offers a comprehensive solution at competitive costs. The appliance uses lower bandwidth, scarcer resources and requires/uses less storage space. In fact, the use of a STORServer appliance is known to lower data protection spending by a whopping 87%. Your money is safe; the appliance comes with a guarantee on its services. With the data recovery guarantee, only a few other solutions in the industry match up.

At STORServer, you will find data backup and recovery solutions that can meet your needs. Contact us today for a dependable, easy to use and cost effective solution.

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