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Simple and Easy! – Storage Management with STORServer and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

I want…..no….I need things to be simple and easy. Everyone does. I mean come on, who wants more complexity in their life?

If you are driving to work you take the easiest and quickest way there. You are not going to go the way that has the most traffic lights even if it is shorter. That is just common sense.

In the same light, the average business needs the day to day tasks of managing data to be easy, simple quick and best of all, easy (Yes I said that twice). The average business does not have a storage administrator, nor do that have a backup administrator. Fact is, most small companies do not have a system admin that is full time. Therefore, you have to have the ability to make things very simple because companies today do not have the headcount to dedicate to the simple mundane tasks that IT historically demands. Simple and Easy! - Storage Management with STORServer and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 3

Storage management is a great example. Managing data from the time it is created to the time you are allowed to delete it is an art that most cannot fathom. There are laws the govern, company policies the demand and personal preference that also comes in to play. Setting policies that match all of those demands and does not demand a full time employee to make sure it is happening is not an easy thing to do.

Or is it?

With the proper storage management tools this can be done. It has gotten much more mainstream to proactively manage the data that is created by users. However, it is not a simple thing to do. With many rules, many types of hardware, software, operating systems and other variables, creating and management data during its lifecycle is no simple task.

Enter STORServer Console v3. This take the power of Tivoli Storage Manager’s enterprise storage management software with all of those enterprise class features and functions and makes it simple enough that it can be used in any small, medium or large business. It makes the PROACTIVE management of your data easy via an elegant GUI that even my 8 year old can figure out.

Now the question is why are you spending more money for a product that does not give you the type of service you really want?

ANSWER: Call us and we will show you what real functionality with ease of use is and how it can help you stop wasting time and money on your IT.

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