STORServer protects a wide range of data workloads across virtual and physical platforms both on premise and in the cloud.  Intuitive SLAs establish automated total environment protection.  STORServer’s single point for support provides quick diagnostics and resolutions to help ensure real world business continuity. 


VMware \ Hyper-V \ Kubernetes \ Cloud \ IBM \ AWS \ Azure

Application aware agent-less SLA based protection for an expanding list of cloud and on-premise hypervisor-based environments


Windows \ Linux \ UNIX \ NAS \ Acropolis (AHV) \ AIX \ OpenVMS \ Netware \ Spectrum Scale

The widest range of protection options and fastest backup and recovery speeds for physical servers


SQL \ Oracle Database \ Oracle Rdb \ Mongo \ DB2 \ Distributed Databases \ SAP HANA

An agent-less option for database protection including the ability to mount databases out of the appliance storage for quick recovery of even the largest databases 


Oracle \ Microsoft O365 \ SAP \ Exchange \ Epic

The ability to protect corporate applications with the most sensitive data with SLA flexibility and confidence in recoverability 


Protecting critical business data is important across all industries. Appliance solutions are configured to manage the most complex data environments, support 30+ operating systems, and leverage backup and restore over LANs, WANs, remote office locations with or without SAN and NAS storage systems. Their modular architecture allows for easy feature addition and scalable growth from small to very large. STORServer has engaged with customers in education, finance, healthcare, local government, retail, and many more.