Businesses use data protection measures for various workloads to ensure the integrity, availability, and security of their critical data. STORServer protects a wide range of data workloads across virtual and physical platforms both on-premise and in the cloud.  Intuitive SLAs establish automated total environment protection.  STORServer’s single point for support provides quick diagnostics and resolutions to help ensure real-world business continuity. 


VMware \ Hyper-V \ Kubernetes \ Cloud \ IBM \ AWS \ Azure

Application-aware agent-less SLA-based protection for an expanding list of cloud and on-premise hypervisor-based environments


Windows \ Linux \ UNIX \ NAS \ Acropolis (AHV) \ AIX \ OpenVMS \ Netware \ Spectrum Scale

The widest range of protection options and fastest backup and recovery speeds for physical servers


SQL \ Oracle Database \ Oracle Rdb \ Mongo \ DB2 \ Distributed Databases \ SAP HANA

An agent-less option for database protection including the ability to mount databases out of the appliance storage for quick recovery of even the largest databases 


Oracle \ Microsoft O365 \ SAP \ Exchange \ Epic

The ability to protect corporate applications with the most sensitive data with SLA flexibility and confidence in recoverability