Why STORServer

STORServer Appliance solutions are built using top manufacturer components and come with one or both IBM Storage® Protect and IBM Storage® Protect Plus to provide high performance and reliability with an expansive list of features. Appliance solutions are configured to manage the most complex data environments, support 30+ operating systems, and leverage backup and restore over LANs, WANs, remote office locations with or without SAN and NAS storage systems.

The appliances are consistent and repeatable using modular architecture with easy feature additions and scalable growth from small to large. This includes total environment support for multiple appliances and remote replication between multiple sites and/or cloud without having to redesign the solution.

STORServer has refined the process of deploying large enterprise backup solutions, and through real-world experience are able to deploy the solutions in 2-3 days per appliance. US-based support engineers provide total solution support from troubleshooting through escalation to manufacturers. Our support engineers support only STORServer Appliances providing expertise from issue identification through resolution. We are an OEM distributor partner resulting in high-level engineering access for the ongoing evolution of product technology.

Efficient operations are a hallmark of STORServer appliances, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership, minimal daily administration tasks, and exceptional ease of use.

Reduced Overhead

  • Fast Deployment: three days per site for full production operational status
  • Easy to learn and use Automation
  • Minutes a day to manage
  • Single warranty and support
  • Minimal system admin
    oversight, ease of use,
    efficient operations

Meets RTO and RPO

  • Data is immediately available
  • Point-in-time restores
  • Individual user restores
  • Instant restores with data reuse capability
  • Customizable business policies
  • Minimum deduplication required

Reliable Disaster Recovery

  • Automatic DR plan creation
  • Tapeless DR available through replication
  • Public and private cloud options available
  • Malware protection with air-gapping solutions

Meets Regulatory & Compliance Requirements

  • Policy-based retention
  • Automatic file expiration
  • Granular-level search and restore
  • Encryption options
  • Ideal for meeting finance, healthcare, and government compliance
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

STORServer, Inc. provides each Customer a 30-DAY Acceptance Period, which begins upon delivery of the STORServer Product to the Customer. The Customer may elect to return any STORServer Product for any reason within the 30-Day Acceptance Period. For complete documentation, please call your authorized reseller or contact us at 1-800-550-5121.