Take the worry out of backup, archive, and disaster recovery.

STORServer prides itself in designing purpose-built backup appliances that customize storage and computing power.

Why STORServer

STORServer is dedicated to providing complete solution support and services from installation to long-term management. All STORServer Support consultants are certified experts with industry experience specific to data protection and our backup appliance technologies. Customer support is single-contact personalized communication with many issues resolved on the first call.

Efficient operations are a hallmark of STORServer appliances, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership, minimal daily administration tasks, and exceptional ease of use.


What is a STORServer Backup Appliance

STORServer specializes in tailoring data protection solutions to our customers’ unique business requirements. Our backup appliances are designed to expand as your needs grow and come packed with features to help reduce complexities of modern data protection.

Whether you are looking for a standard backup appliance, cloud options, or are working with virtual machines, STORServer offers data protection solutions for you.

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Use Cases

Backup & Recovery

Protect important business data from loss.

Long-Term Retention & Archival

Meet and exceed data retention regulations.

Scale-Out Storage

Consolidate workloads and simplify management.

Development & Testing

Maximize benefits with easy data reuse.

Disaster Recovery & Replication

Eliminate loss risks from localized disasters.

Compliance & Privacy

Air-gapped malware protection, vulnerability management and GDPR compliance.


STORServer protects a wide range of data workloads across virtual and physical platforms both on premise and in the cloud.  Intuitive SLAs establish automated total environment protection.  STORServer’s single point for support provides quick diagnostics and resolutions to help ensure real world business continuity. 


VMware \ Hyper-V \ Kubernetes \ Cloud \ IBM \ AWS \ Azure


Windows \ Linux \ UNIX \ NAS \ Acropolis (AHV) \ AIX \ OpenVMS \ Netware \ Spectrum Scale


SQL \ Oracle Database \ Oracle Rdb \ Mongo \ DB2 \ Distributed Databases \ SAP HANA


Oracle \ Microsoft O365 \ SAP \ Exchange \ Epic


Protecting critical business data is important across all industries. Appliance solutions are configured to manage the most complex data environments, support 30+ operating systems, and leverage backup and restore over LANs, WANs, remote office locations with or without SAN and NAS storage systems. Their modular architecture allows for easy feature addition and scalable growth from small to very large. STORServer has engaged with customers in education, finance, healthcare, local government, retail, and many more.