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STORServer Appliance solutions can be customized to suit any environment, no matter how complex.

Cross-platform and network friendly
Provide a centralized management console
Easy for anyone in your organization to learn and use

Let us help you determine which STORServer Appliance solution and associated products and services best fit your backup environment and business goals.

Solution Wizard

Please answer the following questions about your data protection requirements.

Q1: We offer two different appliance model lines powered by industry-leading enterprise-class software.
Choose the answer that best defines your preference:

  I have a preference for IBM Spectrum Protect and/or IBM Spectrum Protect Plus as the data protection choice for my appliance.
  I have a preference for Commvault as the data protection choice for my appliance.
  I am currently undecided on which technology to power my appliance choice.

Q2: How many terabytes (TB) of backup, archive, and disaster recovery data do you manage now?

  more than 1PB

Q3:  How much data is backed up each day?

  under 3TB
  over 30TB

Q4: Do you have a Virtual environment to backup?
(choose all that apply)

  No virtual environment
  Other (please fill in details)

Q5: Do you perform snapshot archives of data?

  Yes. We perform snapshot archives of data.
  No. We do not perform snapshot archives of data.

Q6: What type of disaster recovery option do you want?
(choose all that apply)

  Tape Library
  Site to Site Replication

Q7: What are you currently using for backup, archive, and disaster recovery? Identify your current data protection solution:

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