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Protect your company’s data with a STORServer Appliance Solution powered by IBM

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Let us help you determine which STORServer Appliance solution and associated products and services best fit your backup environment and business goals.

STORServer is the simple, powerful and effective solution to lower your company’s risk of data loss and improve business resilience.

The STORServer® Converged Data Protection Appliance is a complete solution for managing data backup, restore, archive, and disaster recovery. STORServer’s appliance replaces the traditional distributed system of managing backup with a central, purpose-built appliance dedicated to data protection. Each component is optimized around a specific purpose to provide the optimal balance of features, performance and cost.

STORServer’s appliances are powered by IBM Storage® Protect, Spectrum® Protect Plus, or both. In addition, STORServer adds engineered software options to enhance features and extend workloads to platforms not otherwise available.

Every solution is built, configured, and stress-tested at our facility prior to shipment and arrives ready to install. Support engineers are there every step of the way to ensure deployment is stress-free. STORServer Solution Support covers the entire solution with a single point of contact for any issue. Our US-based support engineers are industry experts who specialize in our appliances.

Solution Wizard

Please answer the following questions about your data protection requirements.

1) Do you protect physical servers, with no hypervisor, and the OS installed in the base?

Fill in all that apply:

  We have number of servers with WIN 2016 and later.
  We have number of servers with WIN 2012 and earlier.
  We have number of servers with distribution and release of Linux.
  Other (please provide details and qty):

2) How many terabytes (TB) of backup, archive, and disaster recovery data do you manage now?

  more than 1PB

3)  STORServer employs “Incremental Only” backups using features including change-block tracking. About how much data is new and changed each day?

  under 3TB
  over 30TB

4) Do you have a Virtual environment to backup?

(choose all that apply)

  No virtual environment
  VMWare with number of VMs
  Hyper-V with number of VMs
  Other (please fill in details)

5) List any databases that require application aware protection:

(choose all that apply)

   We do not need application aware protection for databases.

6) What type of disaster recovery option do you want?

(choose all that apply)

  Tape Library
  Site to Site Replication

7) What are you currently using for backup, archive, and disaster recovery? Identify your current data protection solution:

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