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Commvault License Overview

Customers can purchase data protection licenses in the following ways for STORServer appliances powered by Commvault.

Capacity Bundles

Suites of product licenses by function and machines are bundled into three primary options:

Express Bundle – Unlimited uses of Windows and Linux server clients and many Microsoft database agents are priced by Terabyte of the data to be backed up. This bundle includes the MediaAgent Datamover for Windows and Linux.

Enterprise Bundle – (Also called ADM) Unlimited use of Express Bundle, plus MAC OS clients, and many more DB agents

Advanced Enterprise Bundle – (Also called DPE) Unlimited use of the Enterprise Bundle, plus practically all backup products (SAP, Unix-based options, all NDMP options, SRM, VaultTracker, and full reporting options).B2 on Windows, Lotus Notes, etc.). Also includes Offline Mining Restore, NDMP Server, all MediaAgents, Storage Policy Options, Intellisnap, many CommCell Management Options, and most Global Operations Reporting and Trending).

STANDALONE Product Options

Per client, agent, instance or option pricing for all categories of products:

  • Server Class File System host
  • Desktop Class File System host
  • Protection of the VM image using hypervisor
  • Backup of Active Directory domain controller
  • NAS / NDMP client
  • MediaAgent (Datamover or Snap client)
  • Storage Policy Options (Dedupe and Devices)
  • IntelliSnap
  • SRM
  • Encryptions and Other Options
  • Global Reporting & Trending

Other Licensing Options and Features

Five categories of products do not fall under the STANDALONE or Capacity Bundle options. These options extend your data protection capabilities into new arenas for data protection access and content searching.

  • Desktop Protection
  • Data Archive
  • OnePass Data Management
  • OnePass Data Email
  • Search and Content Indexing

When to choose Capacity Bundle Licensing

  • You manage a large number of servers and workstations
  • Cost for each license would exceed a bundled cost for unlimited licenses
  • You intend to deploy an entire suite of STORServer data protection products
  • You want to keep licensing calculations and compliance simple
  • You intend to expand your data center
  • For the “Express” bundle, you have a Windows/Linux only environment
  • For the “Enterprise” bundle, you have few Unix or large enterprise applications
  • For the “Advanced Enterprise” bundle, you need almost every backup option possible.

Commvault Backup Capacity Options and Individual Licenses

This table is designed to list all backup functions by Capacity license type, and to illustrate what features are available for unlimited installation usage in the Four Capacity Bundles. All licensing reflects Simpana 10.0 environment. Any non-included features that can be added show up in red. Blank options identify features that cannot be added to this Capacity option.


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