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TSM Licensing Overview

Licensing Levels

There are three levels of licensing to choose from when you purchase a STORServer Appliance powered by IBM Spectrum Protect.

  1. Capacity – sized by Terabyte of the primary pool or primary backup volume
  2. Processor Value Units (PVU) – sized by processor power and capacity
  3. Core – sized by averaging the PVU for all cores and counting the number of cores in a machine. (Can only be used for Windows, Mac and Linux cores)

Choosing the license model that best suits you. STORServer will help you analyze and determine the best licensing model for your environment.

When to choose Capacity Licensing:

  • You manage a large number of servers and workstations
  • You intend to deploy an entire suite of STORServer data protection products
  • You want to keep licensing calculations and compliance simple
  • You intend to expand your data center
  • You want to ensure licensing compliance under all circumstances

When to choose PVU or Core licensing

  • You have a large amount of data but a small number of servers and workstations
  • You need a limited set of STORServer software products
  • Your data storage will not grow more then 40% annually

Features by License

TSM License Comparison Chart

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