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IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

Simplified Data Recovery with Access for Virtual Machines

Providing a method to simplify data protection, the recently announced STORServer converged data protection appliances use IBM® Spectrum® Protect Plus designed for easy setup, easy management and easy recovery.

Created for virtual machine (VM) backups and those who administer them, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus helps users focus on their most important tasks, such as data availability, control and management, instead of learning how to operate a complicated backup tool. In fact, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus can be set up in just minutes and protect data in as little as one hour.

This new line of converged data protection appliances from STORServer complements the company’s commitment to providing simplified data backup to organizations that need to protect data in cloud, virtualized and data center environments.

IBM recently highlighted this new data protection appliance in its blog post.

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Solves Modern Challenges

  • Backup for physical and virtual environments
  • Archive for compliance
  • Instant restore for recovery, DR testing, data reuse for dev/ops and more
  • Replication to private, hybrid, or public clouds
  • Simple, understandable SLA policies applied by datacenter but fine-tuned by node
  • Stellar support for the entire solution - one point of contact to solve any issue
  • Peace of mind because the backups just work
  • Immediate recovery from viruses and ransomware
  • Reduced VM sprawl and production snapshot space

Enterprise integration

converged data protection appliance

To meet enterprise data protection requirements, integrate IBM® Spectrum® Protect for advanced data protection and storage. IBM Spectrum Protect integration allows long-term offload of backup copies for data governance and compliance requirements.

Data can be copied directly from IBM Spectrum Protect Plus to IBM Spectrum Protect. From there it can be moved to any of the storage tiers supported by IBM Spectrum Protect, including disk, a wide range of tape devices, multiple cloud data stores, and object storage, including IBM Cloud Object Storage.

Recovery from any of these tiers is a single-step operation. You have the ability to recover from Spectrum Protect or Spectrum Protect Plus.

Key Features of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

Service Level Agreement (SLA)-based automation

  • Select, click and done backup
  • SLA-driven protection and monitoring

Low impact data protection

  • Block-level incremental forever
  • VMs and files within VMs

Instant data and VM recovery

  • Snapshot rapid recovery for all use cases
  • Multiple application consistent recovery points

Long-term retention with Spectrum Protect

  • Automated offload to Spectrum Protect
  • Meet regulatory compliance, efficient long-term storage

Global search and recovery

  • Google-like search of VMs and files
  • Enables easy and fast restore from search

Multiuse/reuse of backup copies

  • Derive business value from your backup data
  • Spin up VMs and VMDKs for easy and secure access

About STORServer Converged Data Protection Appliances

Converged data protection appliances are built on proven hardware platforms that are fine-tuned to each specific use case. Depending on your data protection requirements, these appliance platforms can be configured with several different software options:

  • IBM Spectrum Protect only
  • IBM Spectrum Protect Plus only
  • IBM Spectrum Protect and Spectrum Protect Plus running as virtual machines on the same platform
  • An IBM Spectrum Protect vSnap storage server for large environments requiring >500 TB of backup storage

STORServer converged data protection appliances are backed by your choice of support options. All support levels provide access to our certified backup consultants as a single point of contact for problem resolution.

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