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Software Solutions

STORServer® backup software solutions are designed to simplify administration of data protection solutions by providing integration and consolidation for even the most complex environments. Our software products can be bundled with a STORServer backup appliance or purchased separately.

Featured STORServer Backup Software

storserver software ssc

STORServer Console (SSC)

An intuitive interface to IBM Spectrum® Protect that simplifies complex features while enhancing those you use the most.  ( SSC Data Sheet  )

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STORServer backup software - VMB

STORServer Virtual Machine Backup (VMB)

A powerful application that allows you to back up or archive your virtual machines to IBM Spectrum Protect, restore individual files and virtual machines.
( VMB Data Sheet )

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STORServer backup software - ABC

Archive Backup Client (ABC)

IBM Spectrum Protect client for use in OpenVMS environments, allowing you to back up OpenVMS data to an IBM Spectrum Protect server.
( ABC Data Sheet  )

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STORServer backup software - SDP

STORServer Data Protection (SDP)

Agents that allow you to back up your Oracle and Oracle Rdb databases to IBM Spectrum Protect.
( SDP Oracle Data Sheet  ) ( SDP Rdb Data Sheet  )

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NOTE: The IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager (TSM) product name has changed to IBM Spectrum® Protect.

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IBM Spectrum Protect

Provides policy-managed backup, archive, and space-management for file servers, workstations, virtual machines, and applications.

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

Created for virtual machine (VM) backups and those who administer them, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus helps users focus on their most important tasks.

Commvault Software

Built from the ground up on a single platform and unifying code base for integrated data and information management.


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