Disaster Recovery Consulting

To support our customers’ ongoing commitment to business continuity, STORServer offers Disaster Recovery Consulting Services to assist customers in their preparation, testing, and rapid response in disaster situations. STORServer offers a variety of disaster recovery consulting services to assist customers in planning for, testing, and responding to unexpected, disruptive, and possibly catastrophic disasters. Restoring production servers to their pre-disaster state and resuming normal business operations quickly is critical to the future success of your business.

Planning and Support

  • STORServer experts will work with you to develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.
  • The population of the automatically generated disaster recovery plan file
  • Knowledge transfer of server maintenance and site-specific recovery information
  • Remote assistance
  • 24 x 7 x 365 remote response in cases of actual disaster and recovery

On-site Testing

  • STORServer experts will participate (on-site or remotely) in testing disaster recovery plans during yearly, customer-scheduled testing.
  • Assistance with the installation of the STORServer Backup Appliance on a disaster recovery server
  • Restore assistance

First Response

  • Provides 24 x 7 x 365 on-site response in cases of actual disaster recovery
  • Resource on-site within 12 hours of notification whenever possible
  • 24-hour response guaranteed

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