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RoboCop Goes to Vegas: STORServer at IBM Edge 2014

A couple weeks ago, our team (three of us from the Springs and one from Utah) said goodbye to our relatively peaceful surroundings and surrendered them for the onslaught of blinking lights and crowds named “Las Vegas.” Since none of us were taking that trip with the intent to attend a bachelorette party or dump our life savings at craps, we made camp in the heart of the Venetian Hotel for several packed days at IBM Edge 2014. The purpose of Edge is to educate the IBM crowd about the latest developments and trends within the industry. A huge focus this year was the future of cloud.

RoboCop Goes to Vegas: STORServer at IBM Edge 2014We enjoyed a concert by Sheryl Crow, ate way too much, and also had the chance to interact personally with a bunch of people brave enough to trickle through the vendor room, be it to pick up swag (ours was pretty good) or truly find out more information.

It’s not a new idea that Vegas is down and dirty. You have about as much time to grab someone’s attention as the next noisy slot machine. Scott Trapp, our Director of Business Operations, absolutely nailed it when he talked about STORServer. He boiled it down to three points (which even I, the most non-technical of the group was able to remember and occasionally replicate). His conversations went something like this:

“STORServer is made of three things: Server, Software, and Storage.

  • Server is the brains of the operation. It contains the CPU and memory. We use IBM system X servers.
  • Software is what schedules and performs the backups. We use IBM’s TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) and Commvault’s Simpana software.
  • Storage is simply disk or tape or a combination of both.  Tape is great for Archiving. Disk can be in the solid-state variety for the fastest read, write and recovery times or in platter forms (the standard ‘spinning disk’).”

And that’s it! Get some literature, grab one of our awesome chap sticks which will help you keep your sanity in this hot Vegas air, and you’re all set.

One thing we learned was the value of paper business cards. We were given a blackberry phone scanner device to capture personal information, which proved to be the bane of our interactions, although it did occasionally prove a great conversation starter and Scott said it made him feel like RoboCop. As it turns out, not a bad trade.

We’ll be back, Edge!

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