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Can Backup Ever Be Really Remote? – Remote Backup

Remote Backup takes me back to the “lights out” world of 1984.  Nobody around and the computers are whirring away (tape reels, actually) to the great satisfaction of IT managers who don’t want employees drinking their coffee and eating petty cash donuts.  Just like batch processing, backups happen auto-magic-ally.

Today, remote backup means all kinds of things.  Some immediately think of getting branch office data securely copied up to headquarters.  Others openly wish that a cloud provider takes over their backup headaches and they don’t have to think about it anymore.

Backup, though, still requires three things – a copy of stuff you need to restore immediately available (the backup); long-time storage of data or projects stashed away in the unlikely but critical need to retrieve them (archive); and a second or paranoid third copy of the backups and archives in a secure, ideally distant, location if (OK, when) the backup/archive is ruined, corrupted, or lost (disaster recovery copy).

Remote?  Remote means out of my hair and on somebody else’s plate.  Two points-of-view on remote are, “Find someone to do our backups for us, because we’re working remotely,” and “Send our backups anyplace but here.”  That is, we’re in the remote place, or we want our stuff to go to a remote place.

For STORServer, remote backup has been one of the best things that every happened.  We get to discuss openly and honestly with customers their true feelings about backup.  “What can you do to make this problem go away?”

First, we automate the mundane stuff (storage handling, tracking versions, and diagnosing problems).  Next, we package all the components and parts into one solution (hardware, software, integration, and implementation).  Then we support the whole thing.

Remote offices?  We can supply both the equipment that automates and the connectivity to a headquarters that handles the monitoring and policies.  Remote users?  We supply the software that performs the backups in the background and sends the data to a STORServer located just about anywhere.

Want backup to be remote?  Give us a buzz.


By John Pearring, manager of sales and marketing for STORServer. As STORServer’s president from 1995 to 2008, he built the original OEM alliances and the original e-business infrastructure for the company. https://www.storserver.com

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