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Reliability: Key measure of a data protection solution ROI

At the end of the day, the real value of a data protection system lies in its ability to restore data when and where needed. If data fails to restore successfully, some part of the business is going to suffer, possibly with costly consequences. As a result, reliability is a key measure of a solution’s ROI.

You could have the best, most expensive, fastest data protection solution in the world, but if your data cannot be retrieved and used in a timely fashion, the point is moot.

When choosing a solution for data protection, look for experience in the data protection market—years spent protecting the business critical data of some of the largest organizations in the world. This is not a professional sports draft and you are not looking for the diamond in the rough that can be molded into the perfect player (solution).

You are looking for something you know has a track record of being a reliable solution over many years. The longstanding ability to migrate between storage devices as needed helps to ensure that organizations enjoy longevity on the platform, protecting their investments and saving on costs over the long-term.

Without this factor, all solutions become short-term fixes instead of long-term strategies that help businesses focus on future growth instead of today’s problems.

When choosing a solution, the ability to know that your data can be recovered must be more important than any other factor. Yes, it is actually more important than price.

You do not want to end up replacing your solution in just a few years (or less) because it cannot grow with you and continue to be able to recover your data.  You do not want to be the person who made that decision, do you?

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