Virtual Machine Backup (VMB)

STORServer® Virtual Machine Backup (VMB) lets you back up and archive VMware virtual machines to your IBM Storage® Protect server on a STORServer Appliance or in an existing IBM Storage Protect environment. STORServer VMB can be installed and configured quickly, takes minutes a day to manage, and is an ideal solution for businesses backing up virtual environments.

STORServer VMB supports the use of two different backup technologies: one developed by STORServer (VMB Native, which is used by default) and the other, VMB Spectrum, which is based on IBM Storage Protect for Virtual Environments: Data Protection for VMware. You may configure STORServer VMB to use the backup technology that best meets your backup needs.

For example, if you need to run full machine backups frequently, you may want to use STORServer VMB’s default technology (VMB Native) for faster backups that transfer less data. If you prefer an “incremental forever” backup strategy, which eliminates the need for periodic full machine backups in most cases, you could choose the VMB Spectrum backup technology. Different software and implementation requirements apply. See the product data sheet for more details.

Key Features of VMB:

  • Virtual machine (VM) data is moved directly to and from VMs and IBM Storage Protect storage pools without ESX/ESXi server involvement.
  • VMs continue to operate during backups.
  • The use of scripts is eliminated.
  • Multiple VMs can be backed up concurrently.
  • Changed block tracking (CBT) minimizes the amount of data transferred.
  • VMB backup schedules can be configured to automatically discover and assign VMs that are not already scheduled for either full or incremental backups.
  • Global client options can be used to apply user-specified options to all VMs across multiple IBM Storage Protect servers.
  • E-mail notifications for both schedule and individual VM backup completions keep you apprised of your VM backup status. Relevant error logs are included when appropriate.
  • Restores and retrievals of virtual machines, individual virtual machine files and directories, and virtual disks are all supported.
  • Wizard-like restore dialog boxes walk you through different restore processes.

How to Purchase

VMB can be purchased as a standalone product for existing IBM Storage Protect environments or as part of a STORServer appliance solution. Free trials are available for all STORServer software.