STORServer Data Protection for Oracle Databases (SDP)

Because production databases are one of the most valuable data assets for a company, they demand the best data protection strategy and solution available. With STORServer® Data Protection Suite for Oracle Databases on OpenVMS, this is exactly what you get. SDP minimizes system and application downtime, increases administrator productivity, and provides excellent backup performance. 

Key Features of SDP:

  • Take advantage of modern data management; granular, policy-based management for backups; data deduplication, data replication, and public or private cloud object storage. 
  • Support for Oracle Database (V9.2 through 11g) 
  • Support for Oracle Rdb database (V7.2 though current versions) 
  • Support for Codasyl DBMS (all available versions) 
  • Online or offline full or tablespace backup for Oracle database 
  • Full database restores either online or offline 
  • Tablespace restores while the database is offline for Oracle database 
  • Backups of archive log files 
  • Block-level incremental backup of changed database pages 
  • Oracle backups with virtually no application impact 
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption 
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol for secure communications 

Note: some features are dependent on database type or version. 

How to Purchase

SDP can be purchased as a standalone product for existing IBM Storage Protect environments or as part of a STORServer appliance solution. Free trials are available for all STORServer software.