IBM Storage Protect Plus

IBM Storage® Protect Plus simplifies data recovery and reuse for virtual machines, databases, applications and containers and, combined with IBM Storage® Protect, provides the full expanse of features and benefits of both. The STORServer Converged Data Protection Appliance can be configured to manage the power of IBM Storage Protect and IBM Storage Protect Plus to provide simplified data backup to organizations that need to protect data in cloud, virtualized and data center environments.

IBM Storage Protect Plus helps administrators focus on their most important tasks, such as data availability, control and management, instead of learning how to operate a complicated backup tool. In fact, IBM Storage Protect Plus can be set up in just minutes and protect data in as little as one hour.

Simplified Administration for Multiple Workloads

IBM Storage Protect Plus provides unified protection and SLA-centric management. Access pre-defined and custom policy workflows through a central dashboard to automate the data protection lifecycle, including data recovery, replication, and long-term retention. Dashboard views, event logs, and built-in alerting gives administrators the tools needed to react before potential issues become real problems.

Enhanced Multi-cloud and Container Protection

IBM Storage Protect Plus provides modern data protection for hybrid multi-cloud environments. It also simplifies protection for containerized workloads. Backup and recover logical persistent volume groupings using Kubernetes labels.

Rapid Data Recovery

Administrators can quickly identify the data they want to recover across multiple Virtual Machine hosts, hypervisors, applications and containers using the proactive catalog and global search. Storage efficiency via snapshots, incremental forever technology, compression, and deduplication with the data stored in native format allows for rapid data restore and access to data copies.

Cost-effective Data Retention

IBM Storage Protect Plus customers can leverage IBM Storage Protect for long-term data retention and disaster recovery. Cost-effective data retention for VMs, databases and applications is achieved via data copy and archival to both on-premises and cloud-based object storage, as well as IBM Storage Protect for data archival on physical or virtual tape.

Key Features IBM Storage Protect Plus

  • Backup for physical and virtual environments
  • Archive for compliance
  • Instant restore for recovery, DR testing, data reuse for dev/ops and more
  • Replication to private, hybrid, or public clouds
  • Simple, understandable SLA policies applied by datacenter and fine-tuned by node
  • Immediate recovery from viruses and ransomware
  • Reduced VM sprawl and production snapshot space
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