Archive Backup Client (ABC) For OpenVMS

The Archive Backup Client™ (ABC) offers comprehensive IBM Storage® Protect backup, archive, and data management solutions tailored for OpenVMS systems across multiple platforms including VAX, Alpha, Itanium, and the latest x86 architecture. With ABC you can back up and archive data from an OpenVMS machine to an IBM Storage Protect server and restore and retrieve data as necessary. ABC is designed to easily replace existing backup regimens based on OpenVMS backup. Securely backup, archive, and retrieve critical data, ensuring seamless continuity and compliance. 

Key Features of ABC:

  • Allows OpenVMS backup and archive operations to take advantage of modern data management; granular, policy-based management for files, directories, volumes, and servers; data deduplication, data replication, and public or private cloud object storage.
  • Provides a familiar command set that reduces or eliminates any initial learning curve.
  • Full support for OpenVMS ODS-2, ODS-5 file systems, with complete fidelity upon restore for all volume and file characteristics, security settings, ACLs and so forth.
  • Sophisticated handling of complex alias file structures
  • Automatic initialization and configuration for volumes upon restoration, eliminating guesswork.
  • Supports Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 265-bit encryption
  • Supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol for secure communications
  • Developed and supported by former Digital Equipment Corporation employees with decades of OpenVMS experience

How to Purchase

ABC can be purchased as a standalone product for existing IBM Storage Protect environments or as part of a STORServer appliance solution. Free trials are available for all STORServer software.