Entry Level Backup Appliance (A-Series)

A-Series backup appliances are designed for smaller size environments with moderate storage requirements while still supporting deduplication and limited converged data appliance features when configured at their largest sizes. They are fully integrated and scalable solutions for complete data protection. An excellent entry-level choice with room to grow.

STORServer A-Series backup appliances are powered by IBM Storage® Protect and IBM Storage® Protect Plus software. The A-series appliances efficiently back up multiple operating systems and email applications plus support most popular database platforms. Backups and restores can take place across all network connections (NAS, SAN, LAN, WAN) from hundreds of storage devices. Additional STORServer software options can extend the capabilities of the appliance to protect additional platforms such as OpenVMS.

Production Ready

  • Includes all hardware and software integration, service, and support – one easy package, one easy price
  • Plug in, deploy clients, begin backing up data the same day
  • Optional virtual machine and database agents are available

Easy to Use

  • Intuitive operations interface reduces management time and complexity
  • Centralized management console allows you to automate daily processes and provides flexible and reliable scheduling
  • Single point of contact for warranty and support

Scale as you grow

  • IBM Storage Protect server can expand as needed
  • Modular architecture allows connection to another appliance (A or EBA)

Policy-based Data Retention

  • Flexible versioning (number and life) of data, updated and applied to existing stored data
  • Point-in-time copies of regulated data on any media you choose

Storage Virtualization And Data Deduplication

  • Incremental or progressive backups eliminate constant and redundant copying
  • Reduces costs through hierarchical virtual storage pool technology
  • Condenses duplicate bits, bytes, blocks, and files to reduce network requirements and minimize use of storage media

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