Enterprise Backup Appliance (EBA-Series)

STORServer® Enterprise Backup Appliances support data protection scenarios with high-performance needs in medium to very large environments with significant storage requirements in both data capacity and data change rates. Enterprise-class backup appliances are cloud-ready and support deduplication, integration with virtual machines, and a wide range of data protection integrations.

STORServer appliances are fully integrated, award-winning solutions for backup, archive, and disaster recovery. Each appliance includes certified hardware and software for comprehensive, easy-to-use backup. Appliances are scalable, enterprise-wide solutions that support many OS, email, and database platforms, various network connections (NAS, SAN, LAN, WAN), and 100s of storage devices.

The Enterprise backup appliance can be configured to run IBM Storage® Protect or IBM Storage® Protect Plus. STORServer also offers custom software options to improve the user experience and expand the appliance to include platforms such as OpenVMS and Oracle databases.

Simplified Administration

  • STORServer Console(SSC) provides simplified features and enhances tools you use the most
  • Reduces daily management to under 30 minutes a day
  • Manage multiple IBM Storage Protect servers from a single centralized interface

Compliance and Privacy

  • Policy-based retention
  • Automatic file expiration
  • Granular-level search and restore
  • Encryption options
  • Air-gapped malware protection

Disaster Recovery Management

  • Daily automated generation of a customized server DR plan.
  • Disaster recovery planning tools
  • Recover your server and client data during a disaster

Built-in Cloud Integration

  • Disaster recovery to a private cloud
  • Disaster recovery to a public cloud
  • Backup, archive and disaster recovery to a public cloud

Solution Support

  • Single-contact US-based support for the complete solution
  • Fast issue identification and resolution
  • High-level engineering access to technology partners

Features and Benefits of Enterprise Backup Appliance

Features include:

  • Includes all of the necessary hardware and software for comprehensive data backup in a single appliance solution
  • Dozens of OS platforms, databases, email applications supported
  • SAN, NAS, LAN, WAN data transports
  • Centralized management
  • Single point of contact for training, warranty, and support
  • Support for remote and branch offices

Benefits include:

  • Quick installation with initial backup starting on day one
  • Centralized, comprehensive management that is easy to use
  • Replication between multiple appliances or to a public cloud
  • Reduced network-bandwidth through intelligent data movement
  • Current full backup always immediately available for restore of a single file or an entire data center
  • Onsite installation by Support Engineer (SE) included with every model
  • STORServer custom software options available.