STORServer Converged Data Protection Appliance

STORServer Converged Data Protection Appliance 1

Designed to manage the most demanding and complex data environments

The STORServer Converged Data Protection Appliance is a first-of-its-kind appliance that can be configured with both IBM Storage Protect and IBM Storage Protect Plus data protection to offer the widest breadth of features and benefits available.

Powered by one or both IBM Storage® Protect and IBM Storage® Protect Plus, the STORServer Converged Data Protection Appliance offers the widest range of benefits and features of any STORServer appliance.

Depending on your data protection requirements, these appliance platforms can be configured with several different software options:

  • IBM Storage Protect only
  • IBM Storage Protect Plus only
  • IBM Storage Protect and Storage Protect Plus running as virtual machines on the same platform
  • An IBM Storage Protect vSnap storage server for large environments requiring >500 TB of backup storage

The exact features and benefits of your STORServer Converged Data Protection Appliance are dependent on your software and hardware configuration.

STORServer Converged Data Protection Appliance 2

Supported Use Cases

Backup and Recovery

Protect important business data from loss

Disaster Recovery and Replication

Eliminate loss risks from localized disasters

Long-term retention and archival

Meet and exceed data retention regulations

Development and Test

Maximize benefits with easy data reuse

Compliance and Privacy

Air-gapped protection, vulnerability management

Scale-Out Storage

Consolidate workloads and simplify management

Supported Workloads


VMware \ Hyper-V \ Kubernetes \ Cloud \ IBM \ AWS \ Azure


Windows \ Linux \ UNIX \ NAS \ Acropolis (AHV) \ AIX \ OpenVMS \ Netware \ Spectrum Scale


SQL \ Oracle Database \ Oracle Rdb \ Mongo \ DB2 \ Distributed Databases \ SAP HANA 


Oracle \ Microsoft O365 \ SAP \ Exchange \ Epic

STORServer Appliance Advantage


  • Complete solution for data backup, restore, and archive
  • Manage the most complex data environments
  • Support a wide spectrum of workloads and use cases
  • Top manufacturer hardware and software components
  • Built reliable, scalable, and simple to manage
  • Pre-assembled, configured, and tested
  • Fully deployed and protecting data in 2-3 days
  • Total solution support for all components of the system


  • Reduced Overhead: fast deployment, automation, one-call support
  • Meets RTO and RPO: data availability, instant restores, custom policies
  • Reliable Disaster Recovery: DR plan, cloud options, air-gap malware protection
  • Meets Regulatory and Compliance Requirements: policy-based retention, easy search and restore, encryption
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