Appliance Configurations

An optimal balance of features, performance, and cost

Sized and configured for your specific data protection requirements, our modular architecture ensures system longevity and room for future growth in capacity and complexity.

STORServer backup appliances have unlimited configuration options including the broadest range of data management software, disk and tape storage, and interconnect technologies for software-defined and hyper-converged data centers. Our data protection experts simplify backup operations by tailoring every solution to your unique application environment whether on-premises or in cloud infrastructures.

There is no
‘one size fits all’
for data protection

Our solutions are built to order so that we can focus on exactly the features you need. No bulk, no waste, lower cost.

Do you have a large and complex environment? Need something smaller that can expand later? No problem. Our modular design can accommodate single or phased deployments to match your budget and sizing needs.


  • Automated protection of Virtual, Physical, and cloud-based workloads with application-specific features for SQL, Oracle, DB2, Exchange, Microsoft 365, and more.
  • Proven architecture for a full recovery from malware and Ransomware attacks


  • Installed and running in a steady state within days
  • Reduce daily administration to 30 minutes or less
  • Single contact support direct to engineers with diagnostics and troubleshooting included


  • Appliance components (server, networking, storage) are customized based on each customer’s needs to maximize ROI
  • Appliances fully built and stress-tested before shipping to ensure a plug-and-play installation

The STORServer Backup Appliance Advantage


  • Complete solution for data backup, restore, and archive
  • Manage the most complex data environments
  • Support a wide spectrum of workloads and use cases
  • Top manufacturer hardware and software components
  • Built reliable, scalable, and simple to manage
  • Pre-assembled, configured, and tested
  • Fully deployed and protecting data in 2-3 days
  • Total solution support for all components of the system


  • Reduced Overhead: fast deployment, automation, one-call support
  • Meets RTO and RPO: data availability, instant restores, custom policies
  • Reliable Disaster Recovery: DR plan, cloud options, air-gap malware protection
  • Meets Regulatory and Compliance Requirements: policy-based retention, easy search and restore, encryption

Efficient operations are a hallmark of STORServer appliances, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership, minimal daily administration tasks, and exceptional ease of use.

More About STORServer Backup Appliance

Entry Level Appliances

Entry-level Appliances designed for smaller size environments efficiently back up multiple operating systems and email applications plus support the most popular database platforms. When configured at their largest sizes, they support deduplication and advanced data appliance features.

  • Production Ready
  • Easy to Use
  • Scale as you grow
  • Policy-based Data Retention
  • Storage Virtualization and Data Deduplication

Enterprise Backup Appliances

Enterprise Backup Appliances support data protection scenarios with high-performance needs in medium to very large environments with significant storage requirements in both data capacity and data change rates. These appliances are cloud-ready and support deduplication, integration with virtual machines, and a wide range of data protection integrations.

The Enterprise backup appliance can be configured to run IBM Storage® Protect or IBM Storage® Protect Plus. STORServer can integrate custom software options to improve the user experience and expand the appliance to include platforms such as OpenVMS and Oracle databases.

  • Simplified Administration
  • Compliance and Privacy
  • Disaster Recovery Management
  • Built-in Cloud Integration
  • Solution Support

STORServer Converged Data Protection Appliance

Powered by one or both IBM Storage® Protect and IBM Storage® Protect Plus, the STORServer Converged Data Protection Appliance offers the widest range of benefits and features of any STORServer appliance.

Depending on your data protection requirements, these appliance platforms can be configured with several different software options:

  • IBM Storage Protect only
  • IBM Storage Protect Plus only
  • IBM Storage Protect and Storage Protect Plus running as virtual machines on the same platform
  • An IBM Storage Protect vSnap storage server for large environments requiring >500 TB of backup storage

The exact features and benefits of your STORServer Converged Data Protection Appliance are dependent on your software and hardware configuration.