Backup Appliances

Designed to manage the most demanding and complex data environments with ease

STORServer® Backup Appliances are proven solutions developed, built, tested, and supported by industry experts who specialize in data protection technology.

The STORServer Backup Appliance replaces a traditional system of managing backup across distributed systems with a central, purpose-built appliance that is dedicated to data protection. From small to large businesses, backup appliance solutions can be configured to solve data protection challenges no matter how complex.

Flexible Configurations

Our appliances are comprised of the best in hardware and cloud services from an elite list of partner vendors. Whether in the cloud or your server room, you are getting the best fit for your needs.

Unlimited options from entry-level to Enterprise-class, no matter how complex. Modular architecture enables flexibility for future growth in streamlined ways.

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Powerful Software

The STORServer Backup Appliance utilizes IBM Storage Protect and IBM Storage Protect Plus software in combination with STORServer software to extend workloads and simplify administration.

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Solution Support

Complete support, focused solely on our products, brings quick resolution to issues across the entire solution with a single point of contact.

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The STORServer Backup Appliance Advantage

Powerful Software

Appliances are powered by IBM Storage® Protect, IBM Storage® Protect Plus, or both. STORServer-engineered software options enhance usability and features and extend IBM Storage Protect workloads to platforms and applications not otherwise available (OpenVMS, Oracle database, etc.).

STORServer additionally offers a comprehensive set of cloud features with the ability to utilize IBM Cloud for our DR appliances if desired.

Flexible, Modular Architecture

STORServer Backup Appliances are consistent and repeatable using a modular architecture with easy feature additions and scalable growth from small to large.

This includes total environment support for multiple appliances and remote replication between multiple sites and/or the cloud without having to redesign the solution.

Customer First

Every customer has unique data protection requirements. STORServer is focused on providing the best data protection solutions possible. We tailor each solution to meet customer-specific requirements.

Some customers require a full solution with a single PO that will last the full hardware lifecycle while others require a phased approach that will scale over time. We’ll work with your requirements to devise the best plan for your solution.

No Bulk, Perfect Fit

From hardware to software, each component of a STORServer Appliance is optimized around its specific purpose to provide the optimal balance of features, performance, and cost.

A complete solution, from entry-level backup to complex enterprise solution, begins with a one-on-one consultation to go over data protection requirements, pain points, and budget.

Easy Install, Easy Administration

Every appliance is pre-built, configured, and stress-tested before it leaves our manufacturing facility. The solution arrives ready to install by a certified STORServer support engineer who is there every step of the way to ensure that deployment is an efficient, stress-free experience.

We Have Your Back

STORServer Solution Support covers the entire solution as the single point of contact for any issue that may arise with any component of the solution. With a deep technical focus on all the components that make up a STORServer appliance, our staff of US-based engineers will quickly determine and resolve any support issues.

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