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STORServer simplifies IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager operations with STORServer Console version 2.0

Software enhancements reduce management time for TSM to less than 30 minutes per day; Company offering free 45-day demo license.

COLORADO SPRINGS (Feb. 27, 2012) – STORServer®, the leading provider of proven data backup solutions for the mid-market, today announces the availability of STORServer®, the leading provider of proven data backup solutions for the mid-market, today announces the availability of STORServer Console version 2.0 (SSC), which simplifies management of the STORServer Backup Appliance and IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager servers. The upgraded enterprise backup software enables users to manage seamless, end-to-end backup appliance functionality in less than 30 minutes per day.

Users can now download a free 45-day SSC demo license on STORServer’s website.

The powerful combination of SSC and TSM ensures a highly disaster-tolerant environment for corporate data, while simplifying administration of the data protection solution.

SSC can now be purchased as a standalone product for TSM users or can be used in conjunction with the STORServer Backup Appliance. The new version is also offered as an upgrade to existing users.

“STORServer Console has added tremendous value to the STORServer Backup Appliance,” said Robert Standridge, enterprise backup administrator for Noble Energy, Inc. “The software makes managing the check-in and check-out of disaster recovery volumes quite simple, and provides easy-to-read, formatted reports. I use it daily and depend on it to keep my STORServer/TSM environment running smoothly and efficiently.”

SSC’s user interface allows administrators to quickly and easily schedule administrative activities and reports, handle issues and automate daily tasks.

“The latest version of SSC gives current TSM users and potential users the relief they need to more easily operate their TSM environments and manage the TSM enterprise from an intuitive interface,” said Bill Smoldt, president of STORServer. “SSC is better in management and automation than any other similar product on the market.”

SSC provides on-demand execution of all routine TSM administrative tasks for storage pool operations. It allows users to schedule and run TSM scripts and responds to custom commands with data-rich, actionable reports. The software enables administrators to easily identify administrative and client schedules via a new, color-coded system, and includes a complete array of volume management features. With SSC, users can easily manage data retention policies, maximize the value of their backup activities and meet reporting requirements, all while cutting down management time.

SSC automates commonly used TSM administrative functions, including:

  • Implementing, monitoring and repairing TSM with all daily and routine tasks in one interface
  • Operating all TSM servers from one screen
  • Controlling and securing interfaces for all backup administrators
  • Working with all types of TSM licenses (base or extended) and licensing options (cores or capacity)
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