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STORServer adds VMB licensing to Capacity list of unlimited licenses

Capacity licensing shifts cost of licensing from machines by processor or core to number of terabytes under management by IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager

COLORADO SPRINGS (July 25, 2012) – STORServer®, the leading provider of proven data backup solutions for the mid-market, today announces the addition of STORServer Virtual Machine Backup  licensing to its list of unlimited Capacity licenses. The VMB software controls backups of VMware virtual environments through an easy to use graphical interface.

Capacity licensing is a bundle of IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager and STORServer software products and services that offers simplified pricing and licensing with a per-terabyte metric. Users can install as many individual products as needed for their environment, and license charges are calculated by the amount of storage backed up or archived rather than the number of machines or applications licensed. There is no per-server, per-installation or processor value unit (PVU) charge; users are only charged for the terabyte that is stored in TSM primary storage pools and FastBack repositories.

A suite of 11 software titles that deliver a robust set of data protection capabilities, the STORServer Capacity license provides:

  • Massive scalability with broad platform support
  • Target-side and source-side data deduplication
  • Advanced support for virtual environment protection and management
  • Online, consistent and centralized data protection for:
    • Databases
    • mySAP/SAP R3 environments
    • Email servers running IBM Lotus® Domino® or Microsoft® Exchange
  • Item-level recovery of Microsoft Exchange email objects
  • LAN-free backup and restore operations that utilize the SAN to remove data transfer from the LAN providing high-performance backup and restore processing while minimizing network traffic
  • File-system and application-aware snapshots and continuous data protection
  • Bare machine recovery for Windows® or Linux® servers that are already protected with STORServer’s Instant Restore appliance

“More customers are moving to Capacity licensing as it shifts the burden of licensing from machines by processor or core to a simple matter of how many terabytes are under management by Tivoli Storage Manager,” said Bill Smoldt, president of STORServer. “For customers with large numbers of machines and processors, as well as a costly number of agents and other technology requirements to license, capacity licensing can provide a significant savings.”

The following products are included in the Capacity licensing offering without any limit to the number of licenses installed:

  1. TSM Extended Edition: Highly-scalable, enterprise-class backup, restore and archive processing, and disaster recovery
  2. TSM for Databases: Non-disruptive protection of Oracle and Microsoft SQL data
  3. TSM for Enterprise Resource Planning: Protect vital SAP R/3 system data more efficiently, consistently and reliably
  4. TSM for Mail: Protect Lotus Domino and Exchange data, and to provide granular restore processing Exchange objects
  5. TSM for Storage Area Networks: Transfer data over the SAN, instead of consuming LAN bandwidth
  6. TSM for Space Management: Use this product to move inactive data to reclaim online disk space
  7. TSM for Virtual Environments: Protect and provide flexible recovery of VMware environments
  8. TSM FastBack: Advanced data protection and near-instant recovery for Windows and Linux servers
  9. TSM FastBack for Bare Machine Recovery: Efficiently Restore a Windows or Linux Server to new hardware.
  10. TSM FastBack for Microsoft Exchange: fast and easy recovery of individual e-mail objects
  11. STORServer Virtual Machine Backup: Controls backups of VMware virtual environments through an easy to use graphical interface.

STORServer offers a complete suite of enterprise backup appliances, plus software and services for IBM TSM customers that solve today’s backup, archive and disaster recovery challenges.

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