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STORServer backup appliances are now sold with a data recovery guarantee

World’s best backup appliance also comes with money back guarantee

COLORADO SPRINGS (Jan. 15, 2013) – When it comes to data protection, recovering an organization’s most important asset is the bottom line. In a bold move, STORServer®, the leading provider of proven data backup solutions for the mid-market, is now selling its backup appliances with a data recovery guarantee.

STORServer is ensuring that customers will not only get their data back in the event of a loss, but the data will be useable once it is recovered. The guarantee is offered on Backup Appliance models (BA) 601 and 701, Enterprise Backup Appliance (EBA) models 802, 1202, 2202 and 3202 and with any of STORServer’s three levels of diagnostic support: 8×5 Silver, 24×7 Gold and 24×7 Platinum.

“This is an incredibly exciting time for our company as we are now selling the world’s best backup appliance with guaranteed data recovery,” said Bill Smoldt, president and CEO of STORServer. “This assurance is extremely important for data backup users because nothing else matters if their data cannot be recovered.”

Built on IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, STORServer offers a complete suite of enterprise backup appliances, software and services that solve today’s backup, archive and disaster recovery challenges. STORServer EBA 3100, 2100, 1100 and 800 recently took four out of five top positions in the DCIG 2012 Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide. After evaluating 66 products, DCIG felt that no other backup appliance came close to the EBA3100, placing it in a category of its own.

STORServer also provides every customer the opportunity to try out a backup appliance risk-free, offering a 30-day money back guarantee if not satisfied.

“Not only is STORServer the best in the marketplace, we can guarantee that we’re the best of all the other vendors and provide industry leading features and functions,” said Jarrett Potts, director of strategic marketing for STORServer. “If you have the number one backup appliance in the world, guaranteed data recovery and you’ll receive a full refund if you’re not satisfied, why would you look anywhere else? None of the competitors can scale like we do, offer progressive incremental and guarantee your data recovery.”

The data recovery guarantee will go into effect on all of the aforementioned models purchased after Feb. 1. For information on the limits and qualifiers for guarantee, please check the STORServer website after Jan. 20.

For more information on the company’s line of data backup solutions, visit https://www.storserver.com. To download the full DCIG 2012 Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide, visit http://backupapplianceguide.com.

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