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New STORServer Console version 3.0 offers client node replication and reporting enhancements

Updated software reduces management time for IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager to less than 30 minutes per day; Company offering free 45-day demo license

COLORADO SPRINGS (Nov. 13, 2012) – STORServer®, the leading provider of proven data backup solutions for the mid-market, today announces the availability of STORServer Console v3.0 (SSC), which allows IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager users to operate their environment entirely from an easy-to-use interface, while maintaining the latest robust, feature-rich complexity of TSM. The software gives nearly any administrator or operator the ability to manage and monitor their TSM environment with simplicity.

The upgrade is free to all existing STORServer Backup Appliance and SSC customers.

With SSC v3.0, users can manage seamless, end-to-end backup appliance functionality in less than 30 minutes per day. Monitoring and reporting features keep users apprised of TSM server activities, in real-time with alerts available for a wide variety of TSM conditions. The powerful combination of SSC and TSM ensures a highly disaster-tolerant environment for corporate data, while simplifying administration of the data protection solution.

“STORServer Console is a great tool,” said Robert Standridge, enterprise backup administrator for Noble Energy, Inc. “SSC makes the automation and management of the TSM daily processing activities, like storage pool backups, TSM database backup and expiration very easy. Monitoring client activities with SSC helps me to maintain consistent and successful backups. SSC is the number one tool in maintaining a high-performing STORServer/TSM environment.”

SSC v3.0 now supports client node replication, which provides the ability to incrementally replicate a client node’s data from one TSM server (source) to a remote TSM server (target) for disaster recovery. The software is compatible with TSM versions back to v5.5. To operate node replication, however, TSM v6.3 or newer is required on both source and target replication servers, and TSM v6.3.3 or newer is required for replication of OpenVMS client nodes.

In addition, numerous enhancements have been made to SSC v3.0 reports, including:

  • New replication activities reports providing information on client node replication processing.
  • TSM client version numbers in the client activities report.
  • Missed files report that can now be configured to include specified policy domains only.
  • Storage pools reports with a new section that identifies unprotected storage pools and provides more information as to why they are considered unprotected.

“SSC’s one-of-a-kind integrated help system never loses users in a confusing array of views or menus, and makes management a breeze with customizable, built-in system analysis,” said Bill Smoldt, president of STORServer. “The beauty of the software is that anyone from an intern to an experienced IT veteran can use it; TSM expertise is not necessary.”

Additional updates to SSC v3.0 include:

  • Ability to create and manage client node groups and rename client nodes
  • Ability to delete client node enhancements and file spaces
  • Enhancements to client schedule and log message viewer
  • Added options for number of streams for database backups, inventory expiration and to reconstruct file aggregates for moving data
  • More options in the SSC server configuration file
  • Changes to SSC menus
  • A new password expired column for client nodes and administrators
  • Conversion of help system to XHTML

Users can operate any TSM environment almost exclusively through the SSC v3.0 user interface. Many techniques are used to simply TSM, specifically, but the ease of SSC challenges the daily operation of any backup interface through:

  • Guided dialogs
  • Graphical reports
  • Task designers
  • Targeted context-sensitive information filters

Users can still manage TSM at a command-line from within SSC and use any standard TSM interface.

SSC v3.0 can be purchased as a standalone product for TSM users. A hardware integrated version of SSC comes included with the STORServer Backup Appliance models.

For more information on SSC v3.0 or to download a free 45-day demo license, visit the STORServer Console (SSC) information page.

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