It’s Time To Remove Complexity From Your Data Backup Process

Over time, any successful business will inevitably become more complex as it grows, with multiple and often overlapping processes being created and multiple systems operating at the same time. Generally, the complexity of a data backup system is directly proportional to the complexity of the system for which backup is required. Businesses, however, cannot afford complexity in their backups. They need to look for a solution that makes it simple and easy to backup data without sacrificing on technological features.

To avoid complexity, businesses need to consider a backup and disaster recovery solution that has a couple of key features, including:

It's Time To Remove Complexity From Your Data Backup ProcessAutomation

A good backup suite automates tasks wherever possible. The best backup suite extends automation to the administrative functions as well. These solutions provide helpful functions such as daily reports, which helps administrators identify problems easily when something goes wrong without having to review the entire system. This allows ordinary users, who have no technical expertise, to manage the system, freeing IT managers and administrators so they can focus on core operational tasks.

User-friendly Interface

Automation combined with a user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage almost everything that needs to be done on a daily basis. The best system is intuitive and easy-to-use for the average user, and a clean and neat interface that gives clear-cut options for users makes even the most complex of tasks easy.


While it makes sense to backup everything every day, businesses may want to be selective in when backups are completed or even set their own backup schedule. A good backup suite offers flexibility and the ability to set backup schedules according to the preferences of the business, rather than making them choose between a few options.


Changing over from one backup system to another, or overhauling a backup application, is disruptive for any business. The best backup systems are scalable, allowing businesses to seamlessly add data as and when required.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Many enterprises fail to recognize contingencies that can happen due to external factors such as floods, fire or other natural disasters when working on a backup recovery plan. The best system factors in a disaster recovery plan, which could be in the form of remote backups, off-site storage, or cloud solutions. Good backup and disaster recovery systems offer remote support and other intuitive ways to help companies maintain uptime even in the most adverse of situations.

STORServer Backup Appliances simplify and automate complex functions to deliver comprehensive backup, archiving and disaster recovery solution plans without giving up on technological features. The suite ensures data integrity and guarantees the restoration of all backed up data.

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