STORServer’s Appliances – Protecting the Education System

The education system, whether private or public, local or university, relies upon cost-effective and successfully implemented IT functions. The mission of education needs to focus on tomorrow’s future leaders, thinkers, philosophers, and environmental game-changers. Our workforces will come from the schools and universities that are handling the important responsibility of nurturing our future generations. But are we doing enough to protect the work going on in these institutes and, more specifically, the valuable information and data that these institutes hold? Apparently not.

STORServer's Appliance - Protecting the Education SystemIn February this year, a couple of articles were published about data breaches in our educational system:

  • There was one data breach at Indiana University that exposed the records of 146,000 current students as well as past graduates. What was on display for all those who had access? The university in a statement said that addresses and even social security numbers of these students may have been compromised.
  • Then, there was a data breach at the University of Maryland. This one exposed information related to roughly 309,000 faculty, staff, and students. This time around, details such as names, date of birth and social security numbers were exposed.

What was disturbing is that both these news articles were published within days of each other, possibly indicating a hacker attempt.

At STORServer, we have served a number of clients from the education sector who were looking for dependable solutions that protect their data. Take the example of an issue Furman University was facing. With the amount of data being generated by the university and growing at a quick rate, their outdated backup system was simply unable to keep up. We took some time to analyze what Furman currently had in place, then determined which backup appliance was right for their environment over a few short meetings. Following their order, we performed the solution integration entirely at the STORServer manufacturing facility so that their installation could be performed in only a few hours. Full implementation took two days.

A STORServer appliance simplifies every aspect of data protection. The reduced time and automation involved turns the sizing, purchase, implementation and ongoing operation into a positive experience. STORServer allows organizations like the education sector to focus on their business. For more information on the work we’ve done with schools, check out our case studies.

At STORServer, we pride ourselves in providing reliable Data Protection Consulting Services, as well as resilient Disaster Recovery Consulting Services. The comprehensive solutions we provide will keep your data safe! Contact us for all your data protection, data backup, and disaster recovery needs.