STORServer VAR provides backup appliances to healthcare clients

STORServer VAR provides backup appliances to healthcare clientsNot only do healthcare providers generate enormous amounts of data, but retrieving that data for patient care and complying with regulations to retain that data — as well as regulations for data protection — necessitates the correct backup and storage solution.

Jeff Pearring of CHATR, a STORServer reseller, says, “This puts a huge strain on a hospital’s ability to meet requirements. It would mean warehouses full of paper.”

Pearring says it’s important to address your healthcare clients’ needs and keep their budgets in mind. He chooses STORServer Backup Appliances because they allow for an “uninterrupted growth path.”

Healthcare clients appreciate that the STORServer solutions are custom built and can be used individually or can expand. If a budget does not allow for an immediate total storage upgrade, the solutions can be expanded over a few years — without replacing the front-end footprint — to suit the facility’s budget. For VARs, notes Pearring, “It gets your foot in the door.”

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