STORServer recognized as IBM Beacon Award Finalist

2019 IBM Beacon Finalist STORServerSTORServer, Inc., headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, has been announced as an IBM Beacon award Finalist for 2019 in the Outstanding Software Defined Storage Solution category for their implementation of IBM Storage Protect Plus and IBM Storage Protect as an data protection appliance solution. This solution has been officially announced as the STORServer Converged Data Protection Appliance, one of the latest offerings from STORServer.

About the STORServer Converged Data Protection Appliance

STORServer’s Converged Data Protection Appliance opens the market to compete against other virtual backup products. IBM Storage Protect Plus provides modern data protection technologies such as instant restore and recovery, simple to understand SLA protection and monitoring all while bringing the capability to integrate with IBM Storage Protect for advanced data protection and storage.

IBM Storage Protect integration allows long-term offload of backup copies for data governance and compliance requirements.   Data can be copied directly from IBM Storage Protect Plus to IBM Storage Protect.  From there is can be moved to any of the storage tiers supported by Storage Protect, including disk, tape devices, and multiple cloud data store, including IBM Cloud Object Storage. Recovery from any of these tiers is a single step operation.  Clients have the ability to recover from Storage Protect or Storage Protect Plus.

Depending on data protection requirements, these appliances can be configured with several different software options:  IBM Storage Protect Plus Only, IBM Storage Protect Only, IBM Storage Protect Plus and Storage Protect, running as virtual machines on the same platform, or an IBM Storage Protect vSnap storage server for large environments requiring >500TB of backup storage.

Having our newest solution recognized in this way by IBM is something we are very proud of. We look forward to enabling our customers with these latest capabilities.