Latest STORServer Software Releases

Software Update

Latest STORServer Software Releases

STORServer Console (SSC) Version 3.3 and STORServer Virtual Machine Backup (VMB) Version 5.5 were both released in June 2019. In addition to several bug fixes, and updated minimum required versions of some prerequisite software, the latest SSC and VMB releases include the following new or enhanced features:

SSC Version 3.3

  • New features to support security enhancements in IBM Spectrum® Protect including:
    • A “Use strict session security” setting for administrators and client nodes that indicates whether the use of the strictest available communication protocol is required during all sessions with the IBM Spectrum Protect server. When not selected, this feature allows for transitional use of less secure communication protocol, but only until all requirements for strict session security are met. At that time, the IBM Spectrum Protect server automatically enforces the use of strict session security going forward.
    • Session Security and Transport Method columns in the list windows for administrators and client nodes, to provide more information about the session security that is currently in use.
  • STORServer ConsoleUpdates to the protect [master encryption] keys feature to support an IBM Spectrum Protect change, and to make the feature itself easier and more intuitive to use.
  • Enhancements for managing and consolidating data in container storage pools.

VMB Version 5.5

  • Support for VMware vSphere® Version 6.7 Update 1.
  • Support for IBM Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments: Data Protection for VMware Version 8.1.0.
  • A new, auto-registration feature that allows VMB to continue registering virtual machine clients in the absence of the open registration feature, which is no longer supported on IBM Spectrum Protect servers (post-Version 7.1.8).

The STORServer License Server Version 2.3 was also released in June, primarily to support the updated versions of SSC and VMB.

Archive Backup Client (ABC) for OpenVMS Version 5.4 was released in January 2019, and includes the following new or enhanced features:

ABC Version 5.4

  • Ability to install ABC on a common disk in a cluster
  • Installation prompts for communications method – TCP/IP or TLS/SSL
  • LOGICAL file-space naming convention is the default selection during installation
  • ABC startup command procedure starts IBM Spectrum® Protect as well as ABC
  • Directories are assigned to the same default management class as files
  • RETRIEVE command can use /INITIALIZE and /DISMOUNT qualifiers

Updates can be downloaded from our Software Update page.

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