Know your reseller: Rob Didlake of Dataedge!

Rob Didlake of Dataedge gives you a look at the importance of backup. Here’s what you need to know! STORServer asked Rob the following:

Rob Didlake of Dataedge

Q: Rob, what’s your industry experience?

A: I’ve been working in the IT solutions and services space for a long-time, 20+ years. Starting out as an Engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation in the 80’s I supported many industries including Healthcare, Utilities, Cities, and Aerospace and Engineering firms to name a few. Working in these spaces taught me a lot about the urgency of their business data and infrastructures to support the companies. Today I use the same philosophy to service my clients by learning as much as I can about their business and infrastructure before offering any solution.

Q: Why is data backup important?

A: I turn this question around and educate my clients and prospects about the importance of restores. Restoring information quickly in the event of data corruption or loss is typically what is most important to a business.

Q: What is a common misconception about backup?

A: “That you don’t have to test backups.”  I hear this often, especially in the smaller IT shops. Here’s a little story that helps them understand why we do backups.

Remember when we were in grade school we practiced fire drills and tornado drills? Why did we do that? The answer: “So we don’t have chaos when an event really happens.”

So a similar process can apply to your backup and restore an environment. In short, it’s less stressful to do a restore if you’ve already practiced successfully.

Q: Is my company too small to need backup?

A: If your company uses applications and data to run the business you must answer a simple question: if you lost the data and could not restore it, what would be the effect on your company? Would you close down? Would you lose money, customers, contracts, and/or employees? If the answer is yes, then YES, you need backup! A company needs to understand the risks and awards for protecting their data or not.

Q: Is backup too expensive for me?

A: If you value your data and might lose it, can you afford to have it gone forever?

Q: Why are you the best guy in backup?

A: We have the right people and partnerships to provide the best in class backup and recovery solutions.

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