The Magic of Enterprise Backup Appliances

We recently got back from a family vacation to Disneyland. We made great memories, shared fun times and had a blast. I left really impressed with the entire experience Mr. Disney created at Disneyland. Once back in the STORServer offices I realized that enterprise backup is fundamentally also about providing a great customer experience, albeit a bit different than riding with the Pirates of the Caribbean and hugging Mickey Mouse.

Scott Trapp and Minnie Mouse
Scott Trapp, STORServer’s Director of Business Operations, stops for a chat with Minnie Mouse

Disneyland is the original Disney theme park, founded in 1955. STORServer pioneered the backup appliance in 2000. Disneyland is still the theme park that all others are measured against, too. STORServer is the #1 ranked backup appliance in the world according to the analysts at DCIG and our customers. We remain confident that when STORServer is measured against other backup appliances, we always come out on top. Both Disneyland and STORServer are often imitated, but these imitations always seem to lack something, not quite measuring up to the original. Other theme parks often lack the ‘Disney Magic’ and other appliances lack the simplicity and power of a STORServer appliance.

Plus, the best are always improving. Walt Disney had a vision back in 1955 that was realized in his original Disneyland theme park and then improved in his Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Since creating the first backup appliance in 2000, STORServer has continually enhanced enterprise-class data protection and recovery features while delivering world-class user experiences. We believe enterprise backup appliances should integrate software that recovers all the data in any environment from on-premises to cloud infrastructure while providing secure access to mobile users. Since typical IT departments have too little time and many budget constraints, enterprise backup needs to be easy and simple. We provide a single console to automate all data management functions, and our enterprise backup appliances are built-to-order so they are installed quickly in any data center, virtualized or not. Unlimited configuration options supporting various cloud, disk, and tape storage and interconnect technologies will further eliminate complexity.

Mr. Disney’s vision for Disneyland was that he wanted a better theme park experience for his guests. He desired a clean, family-oriented experience for his guests. STORServer also wants the best experience for our customers. Our vision is that our customers should not worry about their data backup; we want our customers to rest assured that their backups are occurring and that their restores are painless. While Mr. Disney wanted families to create memories and have fun, we want our users to be focusing on their mission-critical jobs, not on their backups.

Turns out that Disneyland and STORServer both have a lot in common after all.