Going Beyond Automated Backups

The best backup systems are automated, sparing users of the need to divert their attention from core tasks and waste time on non-productive activities. However, a good backup and disaster recovery solution goes beyond simply having automated backups. Here are a couple of other elements you need in a backup appliance to protect, recover and archive your data effectively.

Going Beyond Automated BackupsEfficiently Automated

Speed is just as important as automation. The best backup solutions have flexible time windows for backups, or the solution completes the backup process so fast that the time for archiving the system (when the system is not available for the user) is minimized, and the system does not intrude on normal day to day activities.

Though it is next to impossible to implement a “set-it-and-forget-it” type of backup and disaster recovery policy for enterprises running complex businesses with multiple and often disparate systems, a sound backup and disaster recovery system offers the next best thing: automated administration and improved uptime through innovative support approaches.

Simplified and Centralized Administration

A comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution comes fully integrated to offer seamless and unified experience. The best systems offer single, easy-to-use configuration of hardware and software technologies across-the-board. With these systems, maintaining the backup and disaster recovery system becomes as easy as putting and pulling out tapes.

Robust Custom Reporting

A sound backup solution also makes diagnostics easy. For instance, some systems email a daily report that notifies administrators of anything that needs to be fixed.  An email can also be sent when something important goes amiss, alerting the system administrator. These simple notifications can help save time for senior system administrators, who shouldn’t have to be paying attention to the backup and disaster recovery solution all the time to make sure it’s working; they are free to do their jobs and address any problems when they are alerted. Junior level administrators or even end-users with little technical expertise can easily manage a fully automated and integrated backup system as well.

Scalable and Stable

Apart from ease-of-use, the best backup and disaster recovery systems are stable and scalable, without forcing the user to make trade-offs. For instance, it does not compromise stability for ease of use or automation. Similarly, the automation and ease-of-use of the system do not come at the cost of any other essential ingredient.

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