STORServer Enterprise Backup Appliance Takes #1 Spot

DCIG winner rolls out new entry-level backup appliances and strengthens its high-performing appliances

COLORADO SPRINGS  – On the heels of taking the top spot in analyst firm DCIG’s 2012 Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide, STORServer®, the leading provider of proven data backup solutions for the mid-market, today announces new and updated models of its enterprise, entry-level and Instant Restore appliance lines.

STORServer Enterprise Backup Appliances 3100, 2100, 1100 and 800 recently took four out of five top positions in the DCIG 2012 Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide. DCIG evaluated 66 products and felt that no other backup appliance came close to the EBA3100, placing it in a category of its own.

New since the Sept. 5 DCIG rankings are three appliance updates for STORServer’s certified resellers:

  1. Two new entry-level Backup Appliances (BA) ideal for customers searching for a cost-conscious, fully automated, one-price solution.
    • BA601 (1.5 terabytes of storage pool built-in and optional 6 or 9 terabytes of internal storage allowable. Will accept up to 1 terabyte of daily changes) and BA701 (4 terabytes of storage pool built-in and optional 10 or 15 terabytes of internal storage allowable. Will accept up to 2 terabytes of daily changes): Each model will allow for one base disk shelf and expansion shelves along with one optional tape library. Each model uses either cost-effective base client and agent licensing or a Capacity licensing option when a higher instance of machine licensing would be required. Both offer disaster recovery options that include another replicated appliance, remote tape or disk and cloud
  1. Consolidated Enterprise Backup Appliances (EBA) that implement “green” M4 IBM® servers, simplify configurations, include three times larger daily change rate improvements and offer even larger storage choices:
    • EBA802: Designed for any office or data center (replaces the 801 and 851 models).
    • EBA1202: Aimed at larger offices and data centers with remote branches (replaces the 1102 model).
    • EBA2202: Targeted for organizations with up to 100 terabytes of data storage (replaces the 2102 and 2502 models).
    • EBA3202: Sized for huge daily changes and very large storage needs (replaces the 3102 and 3501 models).
  1. A single, cost-effective Instant Restore (IR) Appliance that is further streamlined with an even more reduced price for customers with primarily Windows® or Linux® environments.
    • IR501: Offers up to 11 terabytes of data storage space for a customer environment (approximately 3 terabytes of data) and connectivity for one base disk array and expansion shelf (a total 40 terabyte repository). Disaster recovery options include remote disk or replication to a secondary IR Appliance, or to the BA or EBA.

Starting pricing includes STORServer’s first sub $10,000 Backup Appliance with the BA601 MSRP set at $9,898. The BA701 pricing begins at $14,499.

The Enterprise Backup Appliance lines, which include full data deduplication (both target and source) across all models, start at $18,999 for the EBA802, $29,919 for the EBA1202, $53,919 for the EBA2202 and a starting price for what the UK’s The Register calls the “backup beast,” or the EBA3202, at $110,180.

Pricing does not include licensing options, further disk or tape storage or the customer’s desired disaster recovery options. Models are sized for customers as one appliance solutions. Except for the largest environments, customers need only price one automated easy-to-use appliance for their environments, putting STORServer’s total price for data protection at a cost-effective advantage over other product implementations.

“We’re excited to unveil our new models that offer an even more robust set of features, automation and simplification for our customers,” said Bill Smoldt, president and CEO of STORServer. “We will continue working closely with IBM to focus on the enterprise quality of our appliances and offer an appliance for every budget and environment.”

STORServer offers a complete suite of enterprise backup appliances, plus software and services for IBM TSM customers that solve today’s backup, archive and disaster recovery challenges. The company’s original appliance approach to data protection is distributed through a certified reseller channel of more than 200 sales organizations. For information about how to become a STORServer reseller partner, or to learn more about the company’s line of data backup solutions, visit