A Data Protection Consultant’s Role in Putting Together a Business Continuity Plan

A data protection consultant is often more than a service provider that sells advice. With the expertise and market knowledge that a consultant gathers over the years, they develop an understanding and intuition to be able to really provide sound guidance on what’s right for different organizations. This is what we have been able to do over the years by providing data backup and recovery solutions to a variety of clients.

So, how do we explain to businesses how data protection works and what is the right way to go about it for their business? Here’s a little insight into our process:

A Data Protection Consultant’s Role in Putting Together a Business Continuity PlanExamine the issue

A consultant may know the ins and outs of data protection, but they need to realize that every business is unique. We take the time to study your business and learn the specific issues you wish to tackle so we can provide an effective solution.

Don’t overlook the details

As experts with an eye for detail, we also take a look at what the enterprise may have missed. Sometimes, businesses can be too close to their everyday operations, which leads to overlooking certain aspects of the infrastructure that could be important.

Offer a solution based on needs

A consultant may have plenty of services to offer, but does the client need all of them? Generally not. After we ask you a series of questions, we can provide and offer you a solution that solves your problem and leave it at that.

Explain the importance of business continuity

Though the importance of business continuity is well known, we find that many of our clients didn’t understand how it is linked with data protection. We can help make sure your data protection solution integrates effectively with your business continuity plan, or even help you develop one.

The most important role of a consultant is to help a business understand that data protection is more than simply backing up important data; it is eventually about business continuity. As a consultant, an ethical approach works best, and when a business is unaware of the intricacies of how the entire circle of data protection works, it is the consultant’s responsibility to explain this to the client.

At STORServer, we are more than simply data protection experts. Our range of services ensures that every aspect of your data protection is covered. We are not your everyday service providers; we are your data protection, disaster recovery and business continuity partners. Contact STORServer today for comprehensive solutions that are guaranteed.