Is Data Encryption Included in Your Backup Solution?

Business owners have become more proactive in making their data as secure as possible. Data leakage and information hacking is a big threat to all businesses, and these events not only lead to huge financial losses, but they also affect customers’ and investors’ perception of the brand. In order to prevent these events from happening, data encryption has become commonplace in the workplace.

Why Data Encryption is Important to Your BusinessData encryption protects data from malevolent hackers, and, while it isn’t 100% secure, it is a welcome addition to data backup and protection. The job of data encryption is to encrypt a file so it is inaccessible to an unauthorized party or source.

Top Benefits of Data Encryption

If you’re researching options for data backup, make sure encryption is at the top of the RFP. Here is a list of vital functions within your business that necessitate data encryption:

1. Email Security

Emails are an integral part of most businesses. Sensitive and confidential information is constantly shared via emails. This makes it even more susceptible to data hacking. Encryption of all this data decreases the risk of data loss or theft.

2. Cloud Storage Security

A multitude of businesses have adopted cloud storage due to its reasonable pricing, accessibility, and expediency in the field of data storage and sharing. However, storing data in the cloud has its risks. This definitely demands data encryption in order to secure huge amounts of data.

3. Unsecured Wi-Fi Network Connectivity

In the age of information, we all have a tendency to travel with laptops or tablets for easy access to emails and work-related files. Gaining access to the Internet via an unsecured Wi-Fi network connection may put your data at risk. As an added security precaution while on the move, encrypting your data will prevent third parties from being able to access your data over an unsecured Wi-Fi network.

Apart from these three vital components, data encryption can also be applied to operating systems and for duty-specific and intended user access. Overall, it’s one of the best ways to make sure that your confidential data doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

At STORServer, we offer our clients total security through our data backup and disaster recovery products, and, when required, we handle data encryption as a part of our processes, too.