Choosing the Right Backup Appliances for Multiple Locations

While businesses of all shapes and sizes face the difficulties associated with data management and protection, the ones that have multiple locations are the ones that suffer the most if something goes wrong with a centralized system. However, the issues start before a disaster actually hits. When selecting the right backup solution for their various locations, enterprises may face several hurdles. Here are the solutions to 3 common obstacles associated with data protection and management for multiple locations.

Issue 1: Wide-ranging location sizes

Choosing the Right Backup Appliances for Multiple LocationsWhile a business may have several locations, their sizes may vary. A backup solution that works for one location may therefore prove to be the wrong size for another. A one-size-fits-all solution may sound ideal, but that isn’t an available option.

Solution: Customized options

Opting for a service provider that is capable of tweaking solutions helps. While some data backup providers cater only to enterprises of certain sizes, there are those that provide wide-ranging solutions no matter what the business size may be. The right-sized backup appliance or solution that suits your business at a particular location is necessary to keep costs low while producing optimized results.

Issue 2: Appliance specs

Various backup appliances are available in the market today, and a business may not always be able to recognize the solution that is best for it. Choosing different specifications for different locations could, of course, pose problems.

Solution: Appliance with flexible specs

The right service providers not only offer solutions, but they also prove to be great consultants. When a business is operating at multiple locations, a consultant will recommend a backup appliance that offers flexibility along with the usual checklist. This way, the integration of data backup and recovery operations across various branches is made possible. Even if a service provider does not offer services at a particular location, the enterprise is sure of finding matching solutions locally based on these recommendations.

Issue 3: Data replication

Multiple locations may mean distributed data and, in this scenario, data replication is an important component. While each location will want a local copy for quick restores a separate, disaster recovery copy, offsite will ensure true data protection. Replication of each location’s data from one site to another assures that protection.

Solution: Integrated backup appliances

Integrated backup appliances from the same family will tackle this issue efficiently. Making a copy of backups from one site to another site is an easy task for appliances built on the same parameters. Remember, all sites should be considered disaster-prone, even if you think of one location as relatively safe.

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