How to Choose the Right Backup Appliance Part IV: Deciding on Offsite Backup Copies

Choosing the right backup appliance for your company is easier when you know what elements you need to have. This multi-part series on how to choose the right backup appliance is intended to help you sort out the most important details and help you make the right decision for your organization.

As the conclusion to our Right Backup blog series, we’ll discuss Off-site backup copies. Once you’ve made a decision regarding backup locations, the next step is to decide whether your organization requires an offsite disaster recovery copy of the backups made.

How to Choose the Right Backup Appliance Part IV: Deciding on Offsite Backup CopiesIn order to make this decision, you will have to weigh the pros of creating an offsite copy of your backups in relation to the cost and the operational capability it would offer you in case of an emergency. Having a discussion with all key decision-makers is a good idea as they would know which data requires an offsite copy or whether it is necessary to have an offsite copy.

While onsite backup of data results in quick recovery and lower costs, it also means you are storing all your data eggs in one basket, which is certainly not a good idea if your physical business location is affected by a natural disaster. In this type of scenario, in addition to the losses incurred due to the catastrophe, you will end up losing your organizations’ backed up data as well. Therefore, if your location is prone to disasters, an offsite backup copy of your important data is essential.

The most important consideration here? Do not let the cost factor cloud your decision.

If the high cost of accessing an offsite data backup solution is worrying you, you can always ask your service provider to set you up on public cloud services. Disaster recovery solutions through public cloud are quite cost-effective. The billing for these services is based on the space used for the backup and is usually a good option for small to mid-sized businesses.

At STORServer, we provide comprehensive backup solutions, making sure cost-effectiveness is an underlying factor at all times. Therefore, if you need professional advice on any element related to affordable data backup and disaster recovery, all you have to do is contact us.