How to Choose the Right Backup Appliance I: Details Matter

Every organization is different and so are its backup requirements. The wide range of backup techniques and appliances available in the market today may complicate the process of choosing a backup procedure, partner or appliance. The key here is to analyze the requirements of your organization and always keep them at the forefront. Once you know what you need, it is easier to narrow down the list of specific solutions.

How to Choose the Right Backup Appliance I: Details MatterAnalyze Preliminary Requirements

Analyzing your current data backup and disaster recovery system is where it should all begin. Hone in on the amount of data your organization currently manages. The total amount of enterprise data managed helps compare the changes in data range, thus helping you calculate the increase in data you can reasonably foresee in the future. This is imperative as investing in an appliance that delivers less than you might need in a few months could prove disastrous. At the same time, investing in a backup system way beyond your requirements results in a waste of resources.

Data Change Rate

Luckily, there is a formula that simplifies this for you and helps you find that number. First, calculate retention multiplied by actual backup and add to this your estimated annual growth rate. Healthy retention periods, of course, range from a couple of weeks to up to a month and a half, and these numbers may differ from one organization to another.

Understand Backup Infrastructure Complexities

Next up is choosing the solution that best suits your current backup infrastructure. If your organization’s backup systems are outdated and you need a comprehensive solution, choose a service that offers you the hardware and software, as well as integration. If you already have the hardware and are only looking for dependable software that is easily integrated into your current system, choose a service that offers just that. The third option is choosing a solution that helps integrate a virtual appliance into your current business environment. Regardless of what you need, make sure that all parts involved are up to par and can support the existing infrastructure.

Consult with an Expert

If you need help, then don’t be afraid to find a dedicated data recovery consultant who can help streamline this process.

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Stay tuned for the next post in this series on compliance, for more information on how to select an enterprise backup appliance.