5 Reasons Why You Need a Backup Appliance

We all know that the only thing you can rely on is that your organization’s data will grow. Wait, maybe death and taxes. That’s not quite right, either – our support team is pretty darn good, too. OK, my revised top 4 things you can rely on are: 1) data grows, 2) death, 3) taxes, and 4) our support team.

Debate any of them you want but let’s agree that data will grow, and it will continue to grow exponentially each year. 

At the speed at which they operate, businesses, healthcare organizations, legal firms and government agencies cannot afford complexity when it comes to their data backup, protection and recovery solutions. Just as important, data backups have to be 100 percent reliable and easily repeated and administered across multiple locations from internal data centers to cloud infrastructure. They need a data backup solution that makes it simple to protect important data without compromising capabilities they need in today’s converged and cloud-scale environments. These businesses want to retain the degree of flexibility found in “build your own” solutions yet want to greatly reduce costs and the complexity of protecting their data across the enterprise.

Given these business requirements, the best approach is an appliance solution for data backup. The backup appliance approach has been designed to align with as many common business requirements as possible. Here are 5 top reasons to choose a STORServer backup appliance:

  1. Save money – Appliances must be easy to purchase – offering one “SKU” for all the hardware, software and services –  easy to install and easy to use. Look for built-to-order options that offer flexible configurations allowing you to only buy what you need. Furthermore, the right backup appliance should also come with money-back guarantees for additional peace of mind.
  2. Save time – By integrating all the necessary components, an appliance takes the complication out of the setup and deployment process. If the appliance comes with step-by-step wizards and are pre-configured at the factory, users can start backing up their application data in as little as one day.
  3. Save on resources – Backup appliances should come with management software suites that automate tasks and administrative functions. These solutions also streamline management by providing centralized consoles with customizable reports, which help administrators plan for capacity requirements and identify potential problems before they happen. This allows users who might not have storage admin expertise to manage the system, freeing IT staff to focus on other value-added tasks.
  4. Save data – Protection should grow with your organization. Changing over from one backup system to another, or overhauling a backup application, is disruptive for any business. The best backup systems are flexible and scalable, allowing businesses to manage protection from natural disasters or accidental deletion; reduce risk against stolen data and seamlessly add capacity when required. All without needing expensive and cumbersome forklift upgrades.
  5. Save on support headaches – Backup appliance vendors should be the single point of contact for all hardware and software support issues. The appliance support team should “own” the trouble ticket; otherwise, the promise of simplicity is lost when customers have to contact multiple vendors and manage multiple followups to help them resolve a single data protection issue.

As the original manufacturers of the backup appliance, STORServer has learned a lot over the last 20 years on how to design and deliver a product that is simple to use, and incredibly powerful for all of your backup, archive, and disaster recovery needs.  STORServer has you covered, from the best backup appliance in the industry to the best support team in the business. Find out how we can support your business today!